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Keep your financial goals on track with  Better Income

In today’s higher-for-longer interest rate environment, many investors continue to rely on cash savings or bank deposits to achieve their financial goals rather than engaing in active "income investing" to pursue higher income or capital growth opportunities.

At Manulife Investment Management, we adopt a “Better Income” approach that balances risk, growth, income, and consider strategies for different objectives and risk tolerance, to help you navigate the uncertain market dynamics.

With us, you can build a more resilient portfolio for tomorrow.


Capture potential income with fresh investment perspective


Explore our diverse range of income solutions that fits different objectives and risk appetites, to meet your financial goals.

Explore growth solution and unlock potential


Explore our diverse range of growth solutions designed to unlock the growth potential for your investment.

Investment insights

Get insightful and timely market updates, macro analysis, and more view from Manulife's investment experts.