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Manulife InvestChoice

No, assets cannot be transferred across Manulife InvestChoice accounts.

When you open a Manulife InvestChoice Account, there is a multi-currency Cash Account, which currently includes HKD, USD, RMB, EUR, AUD, CAD and GBP accounts held in the name of Manulife Investment Management (HK) Nominee Limited on your behalf is immediately available to facilitate your subscription, switching or redemption of funds. The Cash Account will receive interest monthly based on monies held in it.

Please refer to the fund fees page for details.

Please refer to the quick guide to topping up your cash account.

You can set up one or more DBA for receiving withdrawals from your Cash Account and the money will be paid by direct deposits to your DBA rather than by cheques. A DBA can also be used for top up of your Cash Account. Each DBA must be in the name(s) same as the account holder(s). For a joint account, the DBA should be held in the same names of all the joint holders.

You can choose to receive dividends paid directly to your cash account or have dividends reinvested as units in the same fund.

All valid dealing instructions received by the Hong Kong cut-off time (3:00pm) on a dealing day will be processed on that day. Instructions received after the said cut-off time or on a non-dealing day will be processed on the next dealing day. Please note that the actual receipt days of redemption proceeds may differ depending on the fund provider.

The online platform, Manulife iFUNDS is compatible with recent versions of mainstream modern browsers, such as Chrome version 70+, Safari version 10+ and Microsoft Edge. At a minimum, a Wi-Fi or 4G connection is recommended.

When you have entered your password incorrectly for 3 times, a “Login Failed” system message will be shown in red: 

"The credential you entered does not match with our system and the account has been suspended. You can click on "Forgot password" to reset password and access your account again afterward."

Please click "Forgot password" to reset your password before accessing your account again.

Monthly Investment Plan

Manulife InvestChoice offers Monthly Investment Plan for you to invest in the funds of your choice every month. With a fixed total amount of subscription monies, you would purchase fewer fund units during a market rally, and purchase more units during down cycles, without the need to make a large lump-sum investment upfront. It helps reduce the average cost, manage risks, and save you the trouble of timing the market.

The minimum monthly subscription amount starts at HKD1,000 per class in a fund available to your account with risk level not higher than your risk profile.

Please refer to the fund fees page for details.

Please refer to the detail user guide here.

We will arrange electronic direct debit of the subscription amount from your Designated Bank Account on the 2nd Hong Kong Business Day of each month. The corresponding fund subscription will be made normally on the 7th Hong Kong Business Day of each month.

To change your Designated Bank Account or payment limit, please submit the Change of Record Form.

You will receive an email and SMS alert notifying you of the direct debit failure. Please note that a bank charge might be applied to the direct debit failure subject to the policy of your Designated Bank. The Monthly Investment Plan may be terminated after 3 consecutive direct debit failure.

Manulife Funds* Account 

*Manulife Funds mean Manulife Advanced Fund SPC (“MAF”), Manulife Global Fund (“MGF”) and/or Manulife Hong Kong Series (“MHK”).

An eligible account holder of Manulife Funds* can open a Manulife InvestChoice Account and transfer all the existing fund holdings into the new account via a simplified account transfer process.

Normally fund units transfer will be processed within 5 business days after the new account is opened and the account holder’s online instruction (and signed Fund Units Transfer Form with regard to Manulife Hong Kong Series) is accepted and, if applicable, after the account holder’s  receipt of the latest dividend reinvestment.

Please note that during the transfer process, you cannot switch or redeem the fund units concerned. Nevertheless, you can instruct fund subscriptions and deposit monies to your new Manulife InvestChoice Accounts. 

The transfer does not involve buying or selling fund units and the value of your fund units upon and after completion of the transfer will be included in the daily balance of your Manulife InvestChoice Account.

The simplified transfer process will automatically close your existing Manulife Funds* account(s) and, if applicable, terminate the related client agreement after all the fund units are successfully transferred into your Manulife InvestChoice Account.

You will receive paper confirmation(s) in regards to fund units transferred out of your Manulife Funds* account(s), and email notification(s) in regards to the successful transfer(s) of the fund units into your Manulife InvestChoice Account.

Please contact your Manulife Investment Fund Intermediary. If you don’t have a Manulife Investment Fund Intermediary, please make an appointment.