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Manulife Investment Management and its parent company, Manulife are fully committed to taking positive action on sustainability issues. At Manulife, these cover a range of objectives including climate change, diversity, equity and inclusion, customer centricity and shareholder value, and health and wellness. With our proud history as a trusted insurer, long-term investor, and good corporate citizen, we want to make decisions easier and lives better for customers, work with external and internal parties to benefit all stakeholders and have a positive environmental and social impact.

Read about Manulife’s approach to embrace and achieve its sustainability goals here.

Our commitment to sustainability extends across the organization

At Manulife Investment Management, we are fully aligned with our parent company’s commitment to advance sustainable investing globally. We believe sustainable investing improves risk-adjusted returns and goes beyond financial performance to help create long-term value for our stakeholders and communities.  

Why we strive to deliver sustainable outcomes

From an investor perspective, sustainability issues can significantly impact investment returns over the medium and longer term. Therefore, we believe that companies with strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) characteristics represent better investment opportunities. These companies tend to be more resource-efficient, possess a lower ESG risk profile and have processes and products that can adapt to changes in regulations. We take full advantage of our public and private markets capabilities, combining our global sustainability and investment teams with local insights to deliver sustainable outcomes.