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Diverse Asia Videos

Go in depth with our experts to learn about the retirement challenges and possible ways to maintain financial stability in the long run. Select the topic below to watch the videos.

Is Asia's changing demographics threatening retirement security?

As Asia's population is ageing in a faster rate, the region faces a significant gap in pension reserves despite accounting for a majority of the elderly globally. Changing household structures and cohabitation landscape add to the challenges. Here more about these challenges from Michael Dommermuth, our Asia Head of Wealth and Asset Management.

What could possibly help create sustainable income for retirement?

What is your top-of-mind concern when you retire? Ever cross your mind that your actual income and expenditure may vary with your expectation?

It’s never too early to put more thoughts and efforts into your future retirement saving plan by riding on your MPF long-term investment.

How can women take control of their retirement-related financial plannings? 

When we plan for a financially secure retirement, factors such as life expectancy, income and employment status are universal. However, these factors are very different between men and women.

Given women’s longer life expectancy, how can they take control of their retirement-related financial plannings apart from saving early for retirement?

What does the shrinking family size mean to your retirement?

In Asia, a critical trend that has started to affect retirement is the region’s shrinking family size and this structural change in the family unit has a tangible impact on how we prepare for retirement and the quality of our life during retirement.

So, how do we do away with the traditional concept of relying on children for retirement income and plan for our future financially?