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Retirement Income Forecaster

Try the Retirement Income Forecaster to see a simulation of your projected income after you retire

There is an imminent need for people in Hong Kong to plan for retirement, and truly know how much sustainable income they will need in retirement to tackle key issues such as longevity risk, soaring living expenses, and future lifestyle and family matters. Using our proprietary Retirement Income Forecaster tool created by the Manulife Investment Management Multi-Asset Solutions Team, you can estimate the monthly income you could have during retirement based on your current age, income, and amount of investable assets.

Try out the Retirement Income Forecaster here:


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You can expect to have a monthly post-retirement income of

The tool integrates our firm’s proprietary capital market assumptions and leading investment portfolio data into our state-of-the-art mathematical modeling and Monte Carlo simulations to calculate the expected monthly retirement income that you can achieve with good confidence. Simply click the appropriate selections in the drop-down menus to find out how much you can expect to get each month from your retirement savings. 



Is your retirement income enough?

Hongkongers will only have less than one-third of their current income in retirement

According to the Retirement Income Forecaster, people in Hong Kong on average can expect to have less than a quarter of their current income when they retire. This is certainly not enough. So why is this, and what can Hongkongers do about it?

We looked at the financial situations of four groups of people in the city, the challenges they face over the short and long run, and the solutions that are at their disposal to better prepare for retirement.