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Important Notes:

  1. Manulife Global Fund – India Equity Fund (Manulife India Equity Fund or the “Fund”) invests in equity securities of listed companies covering different sectors of the Indian economy and listed in India or on any stock exchange, which may involve risks relating to equity market, geographical concentration, political and regulatory, emerging markets, macroeconomic, stock market control, currency, small cap, liquidity and volatility risks, and is subject to greater risk than investments in more developed economies or markets.
  2. The Fund is subject to the risk of stock market control as evolving regulations may adversely affect the cost of trading or the freedom to trade and restrict the Fund’s ability to cost-effectively deploy its investments.
  3. The Fund intends to use financial derivative instruments (“FDIs”) for investment, efficient portfolio management and/or hedging purposes.  The use of FDIs exposes the Fund to additional risks, including counterparty/credit risk, liquidity risk, valuation risk, volatility risk and over-the-counter transaction risk. 
  4. Investment involves risk.  The Fund may expose its investors to capital loss.  Investors should not base on this material alone to make investment decisions and should read the offering document for details, including the risk factors, charges and features of the Fund and its share classes.
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India Equity: Sizeable and sustainable growth opportunities

As the globalised world is changing, there is renewed opportunity for emerging economies by capitalising on trends like China+1 and friend shoring. We believe that emerging economies such as India are at the cusp of scalable and sustainable growth as it has carried out structural reforms over last 10 years to benefit from these trends.

Themes expected to drive long term growth

India is going through a metamorphosis. Novel business models are emerging, and incumbents are getting challenged. We have a 5D classification framework, which help capture the areas we like.

Source: Manulife Investment Management. For illustrative purposes.


As the digital economy grew, certain platforms in areas like consumer and financial services have gained scale.

This refers to the manufacturing opportunities created by import substitution, value addition and exports.

To make its economic growth truly sustainable, the government has pivoted to adding significant capacities in renewable power.

As GDP per capita has inflected above US$2,500 in 2023, we see demand for discretionary and premium goods rising at a much faster pace.

Deficit reduction
As India overall reduces deficit and increases savings, we see investment opportunities in real estate companies as well as in savings institutions and capital market linked businesses like wealth and asset management.

Manulife India Equity Fund

Passage to India – Aim to capture the potential growth of incredible India

Manulife India Equity Fund adopts a balanced approach across large and small/ mid cap stocks, and sustainable and scalable growth opportunities with a good balance between growth and cashflow.

Key features of the Fund

  • Access India’s strengthening and resilient economy by leveraging on-the-ground analysts and local knowledge
  • High conviction portfolio to tap into key themes
  • Solid performance1 with alpha generation opportunities coming from multiple sectors and small/mid cap space2
  • Experienced manager with strong long-term track record


Market capitalization allocation and attribution (%)2

(March 2019 to March 2024)


Sector attribution over the past five years (%)2

(March 2019 to March 2024)

Manulife Investment Management's expertise

120+ years

investment management experience in Asia


USD 147 billion

assets under management and administration in Asia3



investment professionals based in Asia4


  1. Source: Manulife Investment Management, as of 30 April 2024. Performance is total return in USD. All returns are NAV to NAV, dividend reinvested. Returns for periods greater than one year are annualised.  Fund performance applies only to class AA (USD) class: 4.99% (3 months); 8.65% (year to date): 34.61% (1yr); 11.57% (3yr annualised); 11.94% (5yr annualised); 7.21% (since inception annualized). AA (USD) class performance information for past five calendar years: 23.71% (2023); -13.19% (2022), 26.15% (2021), 17.21% (2020), 7.44% (2019). Inception date: 30 November 2006. Investment involves includes risk.  Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
  2. Source: Manulife Investment Management, as of 31 March 2024. Information about the asset allocation and portfolio holdings is historical and is not indication of the future composition. Diversification or asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss in any market.
  3. Source: Manulife Investment Management. Data as of 31 December 2023. Value of assets under management is rounded up to the nearest USD 1 billion.
  4. Source: Manulife Investment Management, as of 31 December 2023. Manulife Investment Management’s global investment professional team includes expertise from several Manulife IM affiliates and joint ventures; not all entities represent all asset classes.