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Enter a new phase of flexible investing by upgrading your Manulife Funds1 accounts to our new award-winning digital investment platform2 Manulife InvestChoice – over 70 specially selected fund choices from leading fund houses, to enjoy full flexibility and control to capture investment opportunities.

Invest on the go

Manulife InvestChoice is a one-stop digital fund investment platform with two valuable benefits: it allows you to seamlessly manage your portfolio, anytime, anywhere and provides up-to-date news and views from our team of industry professionals.

This double advantage lets you capture investment opportunities wherever you are.

Service advantages

A specially selected competitive range of funds3

Different types of high-quality funds are specially selected to provide you with comprehensive choices. This helps to create more competitive investment strategies.

An award-winning digital platform for easy portfolio management2

You can manage your portfolio anytime, anywhere with our digital fund platform. This convenience makes it easier and faster to capture investment opportunities.

Two types of accounts, flexible fee models

Manulife InvestChoice provides two types of accounts to match your investment needs and styles. Whether you are an investor who prefers "buy and hold" or one who likes to seize market opportunities and adjust investment allocations, there is an account type to suit your needs.


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How to upgrade to the new Manulife InvestChoice?


Step 1: Login to Manulife customer website

(Register if you do not have an account. See the guide here)

Step 2: Select “Investment Funds” at the centre of the homepage

Step 3: Click on the "Upgrade Now" banner

Step 4: Please have your HKID Card or a valid Passport, residential address proof4 and bank account statement4 ready and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account upgrade and consolidate your portfolio.

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Contact your Manulife Investment Fund Intermediary to assist your upgrade to Manulife InvestChoice account.

You may also contact our customer service hotline at 21081110.

1. Manulife Funds are Manulife Advanced Fund SPC ("MAF"), Manulife Global Fund ("MGF") and/or Manulife Hong Kong Series ("MHK").

2. IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards 2019, Platinum Award - Financial Planning Tech, as of September 2020. Awards issued by different sponsors are for reference only, and should not be construed as an endorsement of Manulife Investment Management, its affiliates or its products. Please refer to the respective websites of the sponsors of these awards for more information regarding the criteria and manner in which such awards are determined.

3. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

4. Documents need to be issued within 3 months.